Route des Chinois, a 200 M apres la Mosquee Sunnite a Djatoula Senou, Bamako-Mali


The importance of sustainable agricultural and ethical business practices along the supply chain cannot be stressed enough. Organic farming techniques, fair trade practices, providing safe and quality products to our customers are essential to bolster the cashew nut value chain.

At MACC it is our responsibility to ensure we are fortifying the supply chain from farmer to consumer.

We offer fully traceable organic cashew nuts to our customers without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, grown in healthier soil, and a better working environment for farmers.

Our cashew nuts are processed in a safe, nontoxic environment, we do not use any chemicals or additives in the process and ensure a consistent supply of healthy and tasty cashews to our customers.

Please see copies of our certifications below.

Organic Cashew Certification – Certisys
HACCP Certification – Apave

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