Route des Chinois, a 200 M apres la Mosquee Sunnite a Djatoula Senou, Bamako-Mali

Partners and Suppliers Summit

Partners and Suppliers Summit

MACC suppliers and partners were invited to visit our cashew processing and sesame cleaning facilities.They were delighted at the opportunity to visit us. Proud to see women working in the factory and other numbers of jobs provided by the company

The objective was to encourage them to sell to local processors, leading to value addition to their produce and generation of livelihoods in the local communities of Mali.

Buyers from neighbouring countries disrupt the market by offering high prices to the farmers, who then re-export RCN from their home country. It is crucial to raise awareness among the farmers of the positive effect of selling to local processors.

The partners understood and acknowledged the importance of selling locally, the value their cooperation would bring to the country’s economy as well as their fellow countrymen and women.

We at MACC are working towards developing a sustainable and win-win partnership with the cooperatives and partners. We conducted knowledge-sharing discussions on organic and sustainable agricultural practices. Training them on various

We continue to provide support to farmers and cooperative leaders by offering good quality seeds and cleaning equipment so they can get a better price for their produce.



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